Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To Kieth Olbermann & Al Gore

What we DON'T NEED is rich guys talking heads discussing how to get our country back on the right track.

The rhetoric on this excerpt of the broadcast is a waste of time and misuse of resources. Exhorting others to take action is completely unnecessary -- either you believe what you are saying and are putting your money where your mouth is, or you are lying to us.

NEWS requires some component of investigation. It is not merely collecting what is on other channels and talking it over with some hired consultant talking head. Al Gore said something rarely spoken on Countdown or MSNBC or anywhere else. He said that the "Tea Party was funded/created by some right wing billionaires" without that fact ever having been established by the investigative trail and record (journal) required to prove it for a certainty.

The "Killer Koch Brothers" are on record killing Danielle Dawn Smalley and her boyfriend. Put the facts in order. Get the ducks in a row.

The Koch Brothers are Koch Industries because it is privately held with them controlling it and owning the controlling bulk of it. When Koch Industries was CONVICTED and fined $55,000,000 of cumulative CRIMINAL FINES, it was the brothers Koch who committed the criminal acts, the legally responsible parties.

Murdoch-Koch were partners when Rupert Murdoch sat on Cato Institute Board of Directors. What dates and span was Murdoch Director? Besides David Koch, who else shared the Board of Directors of Cato? Was there a VP from Philip Morris? (For a long time there was always a VP from Philip Morris on Board, because PM was contributing important funding.)

During the Murdoch-Koch Cato partnership was Murdoch on Philip Morris Board of Directors? What years specifically, from start date to end date. Why is the date important? Because Philip Morris was subsequently CONVICTED of felony RICO organized crime frauds during a period when Murdoch was a legally-liable director, directing Philip Morris to commit premeditated crimes.

During this period of Rupert Murdoch's conviction by proxy of organized crimes, frauds, lying to the government, making payoffs to corrupt science workers through secretive Swiss numbered bank accounts, did PM make massive donations to other Koch-controlled propaganda factories, specifically Reason Foundation and Citizens for a Sound Economy? This is important, facts worth knowing, because it goes to establishing a knowing long-lived pattern of partnership in a 50-year organized crime felony fraud operation which has been convicted in US federal courts.

Why is it important? Because the year the tobacco mafia first engaged in the 50 year convicted organized crime conspiracy, Gordon Gray (American Tobacco Company hei) became the head of the US psy-war Psychological Services which used every trick it learned to wage war on Americans, undermining science credibility, and tricking Americas into their graves. Gordon Gray was director of Reason institute until the day he died.

Why is it important? Because in 2004, when the heat was on, CSE was disbanded and converted into Freedomworks and AFP (Koch-Americans for Koch-Prosperity).

Why is it important? Because in 2004 Dick Armey was Chair of CSE-Freedomworks, and CSE Treasurer with a slush fund of Koch-CSE millions was KKK-mercenary Tom Posey of Civilian Military Assistance fame who actually helped overthrow a popularly-elected democracy in Nicaragua using hired state-sponsored terrorists. It goes to a pattern of criminal conspiracy.

Future Koch-employee Tom Posey worked hand-in-glove with future Murdoch-employee Ollie North to overthrow a nation. It goes to establishing a pattern of criminal behaviors.


Hire top security people because you will get hacked and you need people able to follow the trail back to the money transfers paying for the cyber attacks.

Document the Freedomworks history. Show the Tea Party Origins, the Koch operatives behind the Tea Party. Document again the Murdoch 9-12 DC, Tea Party Express Bus Tour Embedded Mudroch operatives.

Document the AfP web frauds.

Reverse Whois:"Americans for Prosperity" owns about 477 other domains

Why shouldn't you dig into your pocket and pay for the report of 477 domains connected to the Killer Koch Brothers propaganda network. That is what is called INVESTIGATION. You owe it to back up your words with a few bucks -- you are the one claiming to have "news". This is NEWS, something not already on CNN or MSNBC. It's not just discussing with a talking head how they are screwing the country -- it's lifting the corporate veil and documenting the stealth tactics and fraud conspiracy.

David Koch's twin brother born moments apart from he same womb called Koch Industries ORGANIZED CRIME on CBS national TV. (Google it.)

Report that, so when you begin calling the Killer Koch Brothers Organized Crime, you can back up what you say with documentation not at the mercy of web scrubbing, by making your own archives.