Monday, July 4, 2011

E. Idaho man flies Nazi flag in protest to Obama administration

Daily Journal - ‎Jul 3, 2011‎
AP POCATELLO, Idaho — An eastern Idaho man says he's flying a Nazi flag at his home to protest Obama administration policies, but a local anti-hate group spokesman says the flag is simply dishonoring the thousands of Americans who died in World War II. ...

Pocatello man flies Nazi flag in protest of Obama's policies

Idaho State Journal - ‎Jul 3, 2011‎
Bill Schaefer\Idaho State Journal Gene Martin's disgust with President Obama's policies prompted him to fly a flag with a swastika in his yard. POCATELLO — Flying his Nazi flag is one way Gene Martin has chosen to express his disdain for the political ...
   “A good honest white guy doesn’t have a chance, because they’ve gotten up into the minorities too much, they have all the rights, the rest of us don’t have any,” Martin said. “They’re just taking them all away from us more and more all the time.”